Since 1981, I have studied and labored over the restoration and application of decorative paint and finish techniques. I have worked diligently every day to achieve a sense of pride in the workmanship my company produces by keeping firmly rooted in the ancient traditions of painting, finishing and decoration while keeping abreast of modern techniques and formulas.

My apprenticeship and journeymanship were spent working under top notch tradesman in many different disciplines. I formally studied design at Western Connecticut State University, decorative painting and related techniques under Joan Day at Day Studios in San Francisco, faux bois under Tom Masryk at BBC and continue to attend many other classes and symposiums in order to keep my skills up to date.

Please take a look through my abridged portfolio where you'll see pictures ranging from acid patination of metals to highly gilded moldings (a national award winning project in 1998) and even the restoration of a sandstone building at Yale University where every patch on the six story building was spatter painted with toothbrushes and tinted potassium silicate to match its surroundings.

Over the years I have worked on an incredible variety of projects and am very thankful to have had such kind and imaginative clients. I have done my best to exceed every one of their expectations.

Contact me for a quote on your next project and I'll be happy to put the same degree of focus and attention to it as my crew and I have done for over 30 years.

Here is a short list of the services I offer:

Decorative painting
custom color mixing and matching
marbleizing (faux mabre)
stone effects (faux pierre)
wood graining (faux bois)
tortoise shell
mica powders
bronzing powders
acid patination of metals
wood finishing
chemical treatment of wooden surfaces
lime washing
french polishing
hand rubbed tung oil
waxing of wood and all encaustic effects
catalyzed lacquer
conversion varnish
marine varnish
venetian plaster
encaustic plaster
waxed plaster
color and finish system consultation